Sweet Jammy Jam!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
Adoption Status: Adopted

Guess what Jam got for Christmas???? A FUREVER HOME!!!! His foster mom decided she couldn't part with this sweet boy and has promised to keep him forever. So Jam will be staying with his mom, and sister Joey (also from Asan!), what a great way to end 2013 for Jam. It's been a bumpy ride, but has ended in the best case scenario for Jam, hooray!!! There are so many people who have helped Jam along the way, I'm afraid if I start listing names I might forget someone. So HUGE THANKS to everyone who has helped Jam, I am super grateful and Jam wouldn't have gotten this happily ever after without you CONGRATULATIONS JAMMY BOY!

I am sad to report that after flying to Canada to be with his adoptive family, that family decided immediately that Jam wasn't the dog for them. Now Jam needs a new home ASAP in Welland, Ontario, Canada. Please spread the word!

Calling all couch potatoes! If you are looking for a calm, quiet, cuddly dog who will be loyal to the end and who has very little exercise demands, then look no further than Jam!


Jam is a champion cuddler and a blanket-diving, dog bone-finding goofy boy who has waited his whole life for YOU! He's a dapper fellow with luscious locks that are so soft your fingers won't be able to stop themselves from petting him for the rest of his life with you! Jam wants nothing more in life than to be your best friend. He will warm your lap as you lounge on the couch. He will be ready to offer you his love when you watch a sad movie or hold you when the scary movie gets a bit too much. He will sleep at your feet or curl up next to your legs to offer you his warmth as you sleep.


Jam is a very polite fellow, welcoming all your guests with excitement, love, and kisses; his mantra is: a friend of yours is a friend of mine! He loves having company so much that he will happily hop in the shower, get his eyes cleaned, get blow dried, and put on his best outfits in preparation!

Jam is very food motivated. He loves his dog food and he loves treats, so he will be a cinch to train! He is also very smart! He already knows sit and with your help, the sky is the limit for this boy's training! He will also love you forever if you offer him his favorite dog bones. Jam has learned to use the bathroom on either his pee pad or in the human bathroom, but can easily learn to release outside if that's what you'd prefer!

Check out Jam with a SUPER tasty roasted femur bone! https://

Jam is a survivor! He spent THREE long years at the shelter. He survived three subzero, icy winters and three scorching hot, humid summers, patiently waiting for his turn. He watched dog after dog get their chance at a home. He said hello and goodbye to so many volunteers, he lost count. He heard story after story of the dogs who left who were "doing so well" and "looking so good", but it wasn't until January that he finally got his chance.

Jam won the "From Shelter to Chic" contest because everyone overwhelmingly voted for him! He was moved from the shelter to a vet in Seoul where he was pampered every day and given the gambit of health tests. He was then transferred to the training facility outside Seoul where he spent a week having his behavior evaluated and his temperament tested. Then, on February 11, after such a long wait, Jam took a HUGE step toward in his dream of a fur-ever home: he was moved into foster care in ritzy Bundang!!! He is currently in foster care where he is doing so well after just 3 weeks!!! It took him less than a week to adjust to living in a home, which just goes to show how ready he was! Now there's just one more step for him to make: moving to his fur-ever home!

Jam defeats the octopus that was in the way of his foster home :o) https://

Jam is completely up-to-date with his vaccinations. In fact, his blood titre test showed that he has the highest levels of immunity for everything! He is already neutered, so no baby Jams in your future! He is heartworm NEGATIVE and free from all internal and external parasites. He is currently receiving Advocate each month, so you will never have to worry about any creepy crawlies either in or on Jam!

Jam has one issue that will follow him for the rest of his life. His heart is just a little too big, probably because he has so much love to give! This is a condition that can be easily managed with proper diet and care, but Jam will never be the dog to help you train for a marathon, but have no fear, Jam's will to live is amazing and he has proven time and time again that a slightly bum ticker won't hold him back from the home he deserves!

****Training Needs****
Jam is well on his way to learning how to behave in a home! However, after spending so many years in a cage at Asan, Jam still needs help with basic training and manners. He needs a home that is stable, consistent, and knowledgeable about these demands.

Jam is also fairly quiet, so he's not a big barker. If someone rings the doorbell, he will bark a few times, but gets quiet quickly. If he hears another dog barking, however, he will join in at the chorus, but this has only happened once, so maybe Jam just had the urge to sing at that moment.

Jam does pull on the leash, so he will need some work on this, but this is to be expected after him living in a cage for 3 years. When he's outside, he does get distracted and excited, but this will get better with training, and since he has minimal exercise needs, this isn't much of an issue. Overall, Jam has the training needs of a typical shelter dog: lots of patience, time, and consistency. He does get a little scared of things that are not at all surprisingly scary for dogs (e.g. people wearing masks), but with more socialization, this can be overcome. For only being in his foster home for 3 weeks, he's already making progress!



One thing to note is that Jam is a bit grumpy with other dogs. Having to struggle to survive every single day for three years where food was simply chucked into the middle of a pen with at least a dozen dogs, this is understandable. As such, Jam would be best in a home with no other animals so he can soak up all the love you have to give for himself!

Jam has waited three long years for you, please don't make him wait any longer! If you are interested in adopting Jam, please don't hesitate to contact Amanda by email ([email protected]).

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seongnam - 성남
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


annemariew's picture

Yay!!! Jam is such a funny, smart dog, and a survivor! Thank you to the adopting family. Wonderful news.

marlajoy's picture

What?! What happened with the adoption? Why didn't they want him? Were they not informed about something? I'm just so shocked! Poor Jam!

Karen's picture

I've changed Jam's status to "No Longer Available" since he's not in Korea anymore :(

Amanda-n-Leeloo, I just sent you an email with some questions but since messages through ARK contact forms sometimes end up in spam folders I'm posting here just to let you know!

Karen's picture

Any updates on Jam's situation? I'm worried about him.

Sofia's picture

Jam is doing good! He is in foster care with Pam who adopted Joey, former Asan shelter dog.
I will never understand why this boy has no luck, why no one wants to adopt him, but he is in good hands now, so let's hope!

Karen's picture

Thanks for the update! So glad to hear he's in good hands.

marlajoy's picture

Has Jam managed to find a forever home yet?