In her nice cozy hotel room!
In the carrier going to the clinic~~귀엽죠~~~귀엽죠~~~귀엽죠~~~

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Feral (wild)
Adoption Status: Adopted

A Cute Little Rescued Kitten

Hi and thanks for taking the time to check out little Mimi! I found Mimi in a box outside the building I live in. She was crying and scared. It took a short time, but I successfully got her in my cat carrier. With the help of a friend from Nabiya shelter, we got her to a clinic and checked out. She is currently in isolation for observation for a week. After that, she will be ready for foster or adoption. Mimi will need a special and caring person to work with her on her comfort level around people. She has already shown some improvement in her temperment. After her first full day at the clinic the vet said she has calmed down significantly and ate like a champion! Poor dear must have been really hungry! I will continue to visit her at the clinic during the next week to try to make sure she has constant calm human contact.

Please contact me with any questions or interest you may have in little Mimi. I found her for a reason, and I hope she is given a great chance at a wonderful forever home and companion!

Mimi is currently being boarded in Daechi Dong of Gangnam gu, but transport is certainly possible to other areas!

The adoption fee will be donated to Nabiya!

**update 6/21**
I just heard from Mimi's foster mom that Mimi is doing really well! Her foster mom was on vacation, and so Mimi was with a pet sitter along with her foster mom's other two cats. After returning from her trip she says she found Mimi so well adjusted and getting along well with the other cats. She is very playful, but not aggressive.

Mimi will really make a great pet, and has shown a strong aptitude for being a house cat~! check out these recent photos of her lounging about her temporary foster home!

**Update 6/25**
Mimi had a great weekend~! She visited Nabiya to get some shots from the vet that visits the shelter. She was good with the other cats, and has completely warmed up to the touch of humans (as you can see in the two new pictures). I got contacted by someone who wants to meet Miss Mimi this coming weekend, and a visit has been arranged with her foster mom. If all goes well, looks like Mimi is going to get placed in a great a loving home!

Don't you just love the spots and markings on this little doll? I can't get over her little white toes!

**Update 7/1**
Mimi has been given a new home as of today~! Thanks Georgia and Joseph for taking in this great little girl! Good luck~!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: Boarding


Paul_E's picture

Just checked up on the little miss at the clinic. The vets said she is getting more comfortable with her environment. I know she will make a great pet!!

papayapie's picture

so is she getting more comfortable with humans? how 'feral' is she? and when will she be old enough to get spayed?

Paul_E's picture

She is a feral cat, meaning she was not bred from house cats. She is a kitten though and will become more and more comfortable with her surroundings. She went through a little kitty trauma being lost from her mother and then being scooped by up me and taken to a vet. She is comfortable with her surroundings now, but she, as any rescue cat, will have some fear of change until she knows she is in a stable place to become comfortable. My own rescue cat still gets nervous if we move house and it takes him a couple weeks to become secure in his new enviornment.

She's just a touch sensitive now due to all the recent changes.

She is just about 9 weeks old, so it will be two more months before she is able to get spayed (after vet approval of course), but generally 4 months is the earliest age to spay any female cat. If you are interested in visiting the clinic to see her, I can take you there! It's right in front of Dogok station on orange Line 3 (도곡역).

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Mimi is doing great and has quickly socialized in her new environment~! She's such a cutey!