Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Monkey was found on the streets and responded right away to human affection. He got his name from his fun and playful personality. He enjoys playing with almost everything, but his favorite thing is snuggling. Monkey can be a bit standoffish with strangers, but is extremely easygoing when he's comfortable. I've yet to hear him hiss and he doesn't even mind when you pet his belly! He is quick to purr and give kisses, and loves to curl up in a lap.

He is also up to date on heart worm prevention.

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


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LOVE that picture of him! He looks great :D thanks for fostering him Kdancer!
Monkey has benefited from the TNR program a group of KAPS volunteer has started independently! Because of funding he was caught and neutered, but it was during the time of his recovery that we all noticed how incredibly non-feral he was...hence the reason we are able to move him into foster care. Also, he is super small and full grown---ever wanted a mini-cat?

If you would like to help support this program please let us know: [email protected].

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WOW!!! Seeing Monkey's before and after shots back to back is really impressive!!! He has come such a long way! I am so happy to see him doing so well!! This little guy is a fighter. I'm so glad the TNR program and all the people who donated helped in saving his life. Now he just needs someone to give him that forever home he needs.

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Hey! Any updates on Monkey? How's he doing? What's he like? :)

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Monkey is doing great! He is super vocal and playful :) He will be going in for his vaccinations in the next week or two, I will update here!

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It's so great to know that Monkey has turned into such a vocal and playful cat!! He's come such a long way. Was he able to get his vaccines? Looking forward to hearing more about him!!! :)

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He's gone in for his first set of vaccines and heartworm prevention, it went well!

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Please send applications for Monkey to KAPS.Adoption(at) He's still looking for his forever home!

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Monkey was adopted on Saturday :) Thanks so much to his fantastic foster parents, and to his new owner in Busan :) Hope the KTX ride went smoothly!!

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fantastic! cant wait to see his adoption picture! *^^*

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KAPS received an update from Monkey's adopter. He shared, "Monkey and I are still doing great, thank you for asking. He's quite a happy boy- he especially loves his cat play tower that I got him ^^ I've attached a couple pictures of him in snuggle/stretch mode :)"

How adorable are these guys?! <3 Best buds! Check out Monkey's "snuggle/stretch" photos...

Monkey stretch modeMonkey snuggle mode
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Its wonderful what can happen when individuals work together.

Monkey's rescue and adoption wouldnt have been possible with out the volunteer, self-supported TNR program started by Lorna back in December. Lorna started off as a KAPS volunteer and continue to cooperate with KAPS fostering program for eligible cats. You can read more about it here:

If a cat was captured that could be placed in foster care, then we worked extremely hard to find a foster home immediately. This meant Lorna would juggle vet appointments, foster meetings and any other communication in order to give these felines a second chance. Sometimes this meant that Lorna would keep these cats for up to 7-10 days waiting for a foster home. However, in her care they had to be kenneled 24/7 as she has pit bull terriers at home that think felines are toys. The entire time, we only had one cat that could have gone into foster care but was unable to find a foster home for him. Gru was released back to the streets after he healed from his sterilization surgery.

We chose not to send them to the shelter for two reasons. One, we were told they would only have 10 days, after that they would be euthanize. (Which is still contention today over this ; we originally started the program by capturing, neutering and turning them into KAPS, but when we got the phone call their 10 days were up, and would be put to sleep the next day; we revamped the program) Second, any shelter is a great place to pick up diseases and since most of these kittens came to us sick, we knew their immunity would likely be too weak to overcome any contracted diseases.

Unfortunately, after me retiring from my position in January 2012, KAPS expats have decided to no longer work with this self-supported program. They informed the TNR project admins they could capture the cats and turn them into KAPS. From there if there was a foster home available then they might be chosen to go into foster care. Screening to be a foster applicant can take 5 days at the minimum. . However, we didnt feel like it was right to take donors money, to sterilize the cats, put them at risk of disease and stress, just to risk them being euthanize in 10 days as they only had a window of 5 days for a new foster to be screened and approved. We felt like this was a large risk to take. Therefore, sadly this project has been retired with that means many cats and success stories like Monkey's are no longer possible.

After a few email exchanges, trying to advocate for this program, the head volunteer did finally extend an invitation to Lorna to attend a meeting to discuss the TNR program and KAPS cooperation further. Cooperation though would be put on hold, contingent on the meeting. That meeting never occurred for some personal and some logistical reasons.

I and the other TNR program supporters are very happy for Monkey, we only wish cooperation could have continued for future felines like Monkey.