Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Brown & White
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Tongtong is a young adult kitty with a spunky and loving nature. He loves to play with you and have fun. He also loves to snuggle. Some of his favorite hobbies are playing in boxes and hiding under blankets.

My favorite qualities about him are his enchanting green eyes, and his adorable, plump, soft belly (that's why I named him Tongtong 통통 -- "chubby") I love rubbing his belly, and he does, too! He also loves to be brushed. I also really love how talkative he is. He likes to meow to you, and you can be an expert in cat. It's much easier than Korean ^^

He can be shy around new people, but he's gotten much more comfortable with strangers. It's like he can sense their energy or familiarity. Tongtong came running down the stairs to greet my boyfriend's cousin, whom Tongtong had never met before. And with other friends who are over more frequently, he's quickly opened up to them and rubs against, asking for some love.

I recently moved, and while Tongtong is a little afraid of crates, he loves boxes. I plopped him into a box with a blanket wrapped around him, and he moved and adjusted quickly, like a champ! ^^

Tongtong has never made a mess at home. He's extremely well litter trained.

I took Tongtong from an ex co-worker. Long story short, I took Tongtong to help his old owner out by babysitting him while he moved to a new apartment, but he abandoned him with me. I've tried many times to contact the previous owner every way I can think of, but I know now he had no intention to take him back.

Important: I'm leaving in a few months to return home. I wish I could take him but can't due to living arrangement back home. I really want Tongtong to find a permanent home. This means someone who is going to be living in Korea permanently. Or, maybe you're an owner who would take him back home with them. I feel bad for him to keep changing owners. I don't really know much about his past (where he came from or anything), as the previous owner abandoned him with me and refuses to reply back to me.

I could help with vaccination costs if that's a concern.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: With owners


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Tongtong was taking a good cat nap after coming back home today. He was lost for a few days then had to stay at a shelter he was taken to. He is happy to be home. ^^ My landlord is telling me that I can't have pets, but I can only keep Tongtong for a little time while I try to find him a new, permanent home.

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Such a sweet story! I wish I had room for another adult cat. I really hope you find someone! Have you posted on the facebook page?

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Thank you so much. I hope he can find a home too. I will keep trying until I leave. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cats who need homes :c

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Hello~ I was wondering if you've found a forever home for tongtong? And how you think he would be traveling to Seoul... I live on the outskirts on Seoul in Gwangmyeong and i'm really interested in Tongtong :\ But I know it's like 2 hours from where you are to where I am by subway :(

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Hi!!! He hasn't even met with anyone yet ㅜㅜ Traveling would be a little rough for him, but it would be worth it if he could have a home! Did you call me by any chance? I had someone call me but I didn't know the number and I was working.

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Also since he's been lost, he's been an even more loving cat. All he wants to do now when i'm at home on my bed is lay on me and sleep and rub his head with mine. It's so cute and cuddly ^^