View counts & comment counts

Counters for the number of views and number of comments have now been added to the adoption listings. You can also see the number of "reads" on regular pages as well.

If you added an adoption listing a couple weeks ago and it has a shockingly low view count, don't worry-- I just started the counter yesterday (Sunday, October 30th)!! Still, here are some ideas on how you can get more people to click your listing:

Two Quick Ways to Increase Your View Count

1. Update your listing to "bump" it to the top of the first page.

How? Click Edit on the listing profile, add a few new words to your description, then save.

2. Change the main photo. The first photo in the list will be the main photo of the profile. Make sure it's clear, in focus, and well-lit. Close-ups of animal faces seem to work the best. (Updating your photo will also bump the listing to the top of the page).

How? Click Edit on the listing profile, scroll down to the Images section, then upload a new photo or use a photo already there, drag the photo you want to the top of the list, then save.

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