Hi to the KOTESOL Tablers!

Anne Marie Walters and a group of volunteers are tabling for ARK at the KOTESOL conference in Seoul this weekend. Thank you folks for giving up your weekend for ARK. A big thank you to everyone who helped prepare for the event. I hope it goes smoothly and that the adoptables and shelters get lots of well-deserved attention.

Have fun!

(Photo courtesy of Anne Marie)



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The table looks so great! There was a ton of information and Anne Marie had a great "Animal Rescue Korea" banner made for the event. Thanks to everyone who helped out and made it possible to represent the animals in Korea. There will be about 1500 people attending the conference, so this was a wonderful opportunity to get some exposure. Well done, guys!

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It's great that ARK has a representative table at KOTESOL. Thanks so much to Anne Marie and the volunteers and everyone who is giving their time! I hope the event goes very well.

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Here are some photos of the KOTESOL event sent to me (with permission to post them here) by Anne Marie:

KOTESOL eventVolunteers at ARK's KOTESOL tableVolunteer at ARK's KOTESOL tableVolunteers at ARK's KOTESOL tableARK's table at KOTESOLARK's table at KOTESOLARK's table at KOTESOLVolunteers at ARK's table at KOTESOL