Cat Coat Complications

I'm going to freely admit that I didn't know much about cat coat patterns before working on the Adoptable Cats form. I tried my best to simplify what I learned from Catster, a Wikipedia article on cat coat genetics, and a few other sources in order to keep the drop-down menu options and help text short and sweet.

Unfortunately, I think my oversimplification led to some errors with cat coat selection. I then tried to make a "visual guide" of cat coat examples, but the feedback I got was that the differences in my "poster" were hard to notice and Was coat pattern really that important in choosing a cat to adopt?

Long story short, I've decided to forgo grouping cats by their coat patterns altogether-- that option has now been removed from the Adoptable Cat submission form and from search facets on the Adoptable Cats page.

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Cat coat examples :S

Cat coat poster