How and when was ARK created?

ARK began as a personal blog in 2006 and developed into a community forum with a membership of over 3,100 people by September 2011.

How can I become a member?

ARK membership is free to everyone. All you need to register is a valid email address.

What does ARK do?

Primarily, ARK provides a web space for rescuers and shelter volunteers to create adoption listings for animals who need homes. As well, community members share information on how to help animals, such as how to find a vet clinic, where to volunteer, what to do when you find a stray, how to travel with a pet back to one's home country, etc.

Is ARK an official non-profit organization?

No. ARK does not have official non-profit or charity status, either in Korea or abroad. This is a grassroots endeavour.

Who is in charge of ARK?

ARK is a community-driven site, there are no official ARK committees or representatives. While the website is maintained by its creator, Karen Busch, all listings, articles, and comments on ARK are user-submitted and authors are responsible for their own content.

When can I visit your shelter?

ARK does not have its own shelter and is not affiliated with any shelter in Korea. However, you can find a shelter near you in the Animal Shelter Listings.

When are your office hours?

Sorry, ARK does not have an office or office hours. All ARK members volunteer their spare time on top of other work, school, and/or family responsibilities.

How can I donate to ARK?

You can't donate to ARK-- ARK does not accept funds or supplies, or collect adoption fees. However, you can donate to animal organizations, rescue groups, and shelters that need your help listed on the Donate page or in the Animal Shelter Listings. None of these groups are affiliated with ARK.

Is ARK on Facebook?

Yes. A group of ARK members created an Animal Rescue Korea Facebook Group and that network has over 1000 members! The administrator of ARK did not create the Facebook page and is not responsible for the content posted there.

Does ARK screen potential adopters?

No. ARK is not involved in screening adopters, foster parents, pet sitters, animals, or caretakers. It is up to the individuals involved to screen each other thoroughly.

Can I adopt from overseas?

Maybe, but ARK is not the decision-maker. It is the shelter, rescue group, or caretaker that screens adopters and decides who can adopt. Some are open to overseas adoption, some only adopt out locally. Please ask individual caretakers or shelters directly. Also, inform yourself about pet importation policies by searching your country's official government websites, some of which are collected in the Pet Importation Category of ARK's Link Directory.

Can you recommend a breeder?

No. ARK's mission is to help the hundreds of homeless and abandoned animals who are already alive find their forever homes.

Why does ARK have adoption listings by people relinquishing their own pets?

Simply put, to help the animals find permanent homes. ARK allows people who are relinquishing their pets to create adoption listings in an effort to prevent these animals from being abandoned at shelters, vet clinics, or on the street, or from being passed on to friends who care, but don't really want the long-term responsibilities of a pet (which often starts a cycle of rehoming). However, we encourage people to first seek advice on behaviour, health, landlord, and travel issues from other members before trying to find a new home. Solutions can be often found that keep families together.

How do I report animal abuse?

To report animal abuse within Korea, please contact your local police office and one or more Korean animal welfare organizations, such as:

WSPA International suggests additional places where you can report animal cruelty witnessed at tourist sites, such as a zoo or aquarium. In all cases, before contacting authorities, record as much information as you can about the situation in order to provide proper details.