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Beautiful older lady Olga, this sweet and gentle lady is a very rare black Cocker Spaniel who has a tragic story to tell... She lived for four years tied outside in a rural house, in the most...
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Lady Diana

26th March 2014 Diana is an older cocker who came from the pound a couple of weeks ago. The vet noticed that she had some lumps so she went straight into foster care to get spayed and the lumps...
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Clover (Lady Kate)

2014/03/24 About me: My name is Clover and I am 3-5 years old so fully grown, but I still have that puppy look. I am very small (currently 4.8kg including harness, collar, leash). But my foster mum...
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Sally is a Brittany spaniel(we think). She's a hunting dog. She's really smart and cute and friendly. She can sit and give the paw and she wants cuddles! She ran around the yard with Latte and...
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*Nov. 25 2013* Linus has been at the shelter for a couple weeks now and is quickly winning people over. He comes equipped with the usual happy-go-lucky, goofy spaniel personality that has made this...
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