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*Nov. 25 2013*. Linus comes equipped with the usual happy-go-lucky, goofy spaniel personality that has made this breed so popular. The volunteer who spent this past Sunday with him said that he was...
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This is Bobbi. Isn't he a stunner??? He came from Bucheon pound to EFL two weeks ago. We think he is a Brittany Spaniel as he looks very like Sally who was adopted last month. He is getting tested...
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Moe is the third and calmest of the three stooges. He is a lovely little guy. He is pretty small and light and very friendly. He got picked on by some of the bigger dogs last week and was moved to...
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DISCLAIMER: Animal Rescue Korea does not have an animal shelter of its own, does not collect adoption fees, and is not involved in the screening process of adopters, caregivers, or animals. All adoption agreements are made between individuals, not with ARK. Please send any questions about a particular animal to the contact person listed on the adoption profile. It is the responsibility of adopters and caretakers to screen each other thoroughly.