By choosing to adopt a homeless animal, you give her a second chance at happiness. Please share this information with anyone you know who is considering adding a companion animal to their lives. Visit the How to Adopt section to learn more about the animal adoption process.

Reasons to Adopt, Not Shop

  1. You will save a life

    Each month, hundreds of cats and dogs are killed in shelters and die on the street for lack of a home. You can reduce that number.

  2. You can choose your best match

    Animal shelters and rescue groups have dogs and cats and other small animals of all ages, sizes, colours, breeds, and personalities. You have plenty of choice to find your perfect match!

  3. You will help end the cruelty of puppy mills

    The industry that supplies pet shops with animals to sell is fueled by greed and full of suffering; buying from a pet shop perpetuates the suffering of the cats and dogs forced to breed in misery so humans can profit. Be one less customer.

Where to Find Adoptable Animals in Korea

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